Activities to Enjoy in Madarao, Japan

Cultural activities in Madarao

Madarao is full of cultural activities, particularly during the winter season. Immerse yourself in local spectacles and experience Japanese culture with all the natural splendors that the Madarao region has to offer.

Fire Festival

Every year, typically on the 15th of January, the local Tourism Association organises a Fire Festival at the Madarao Kogen Ski Resort as part of the Japanese tradition, Dondo-yaki.

Dondo-yaki is the Japanese custom of burning only lucky charms such as Omikuji or Daruma dolls as a way to send off the toshigami (the god of New Year) and look forward to the coming year.

Additionally, the local Tourism Association will hold festivities such as fireworks, food & drinks as well as a torch run.

Iiyama Snow Festival

Held on the second weekend of February, the annual Iiyama Snow Festival is an opportunity to see large scale art sculptures created out of snow!

Approximately 15 20 20 of these sculptures are designed as huts, which at night are illuminated by lanterns, creating a beautiful fairy-tale-like atmosphere that is perfect for family and friends.

Additionally, during the festival, live music, snow games, mochi cake pounding, snowmobile rides, hut making and snowshoe walks is just a small sample of the fun activities being held during this period.