Note: Please be aware that a refundable deposit of 500 JPY is required for all passes. This deposit will be returned to you upon the return of the IC card at any of the Madarao ticket offices.

Mountain Pass (Tangram + Madarao)

1 Day6500 JPY3500JPY
2 Consecutive Days10500 JPY5000 JPY
3 Consecutive Days14500 JPY6500 JPY
4 Consecutive Days17500 JPY8000 JPY
5 Consecutive Days21000 JPY9500 JPY

Area Pass (Madarao Only)

1 Day6000 JPY3000 JPY
2 Consecutive Days10000 JPY4500 JPY
3 Consecutive Days14000 JPY6000 JPY
4 Consecutive Days17000 JPY7500 JPY
5 Consecutive Days20500 JPY9000 JPY